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Generate Traffic to Your Website!

We Enable you to sell more product recruit more distributors.

Generate Money Viewing Web Sites!

Your advertising becomes FREE with rebates and you can Earn 25% on your purchase.

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Create the Wealth You Desire.

We Enable you to sell more product recruit more Distributors!

The Cash Generator is a generator of internet traffic to web site owners. Web site owners purchase ad packages and place their web site in rotation for consumers and business owners to view. ASD pays its advertisers a rebate to view a minimum number of sites each day, therefore, insuring that prospects will be viewing each site.

Your advertising becomes FREE with rebates and you can earn 25% on your purchase!

In order to earn a rebate, an advertiser must have an active ad package. The minimum ad purchase is only $10.00. The purpose of the rebate program is to reward purchasers for viewing and visiting the web sites of other advertisers. This creates an internal network beneficial to all advertisers and their businesses.

When a web site owner purchases ad packages, he/she is qualified to be paid rebates for viewing other web sites. The rebates are paid from ad purchase sales of the Cash Generator, the sale of banner ads on the Cash Generator, commissions from the sale of the Ad Placement Service at our sister site "Attract Marketing System" by Cash Generator members, sale of ebooks and any other products that ASD decides to market.

I express honest gratitude for your devoted?inspiring help, nevertheless more significantly, for new alliance.

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Rebate Distribution

Ad purchase sales and banner ad sales on the Cash Generator and the sale of ebooks will be totaled at midnight each night and 50% of the gross sales will be rebated to ad purchasers. Fifty percent of the commissions that the Cash Generator earns from their sister site, "Attract Marketing System", will also be paid as rebates to ad purchasers on the Cash Generator.

Every night at midnight the number of eligible ad packages will be totaled and divided into the total ad package sales, banner ad sales and ebook sales to determine the amount of the rebate for each ad package. That amount will be multiplied by the number of ad packages in each advertiser's account and the total will be credited to his/her cash balance account. Rebates will show up in your account after midnight EST.

Ad purchasers will continue to be paid rebates until they receive 100% of their ad purchases. To earn an additional 25% rebate on their ad purchase, an ad purchaser must have a minimum group sales volume of $15 per month or their sales volume must average $15 per month while the ad package is active. This helps us maintain a constant growth so everyone can reap their profits. It also keeps out those who would try to take advantage of our unique system.

To maintain the stability of the program the daily rebate will be capped at 8%. Any excess will go into a reserve account to be used when rebates are extremely low. Five percent of ad sales, banner sales and ebook sales on the Cash Generator will be placed in the reserve account to be used for the same purpose.

Eleven percent of ad sales, banner sales and ebook sales will be used for advertising, hosting, site maintenance, administrative costs, customer support and profit.

  • Five percent will be used for contests and raffles.

  • Five percent will be placed in a reserve account to be paid as rebates when needed.

  • Fifteen percent will be used for referral commissions.

  • Fourteen percent will be paid to various boards, trainers and designers.

Ad Packages and Credits

Each ad package is $5.00 and is made up of 5 credits. You get 1 showing of your web site for each credit. The minimum ad purchase is $10.00. The minimum cash out is $10.00.

You receive 1 credit (1 showing of your web site) for each site you view. You must view 24 web sites each day for 15 seconds each to receive your daily rebate. Viewing 24 sites daily will provide you with enough credits to keep your web site showing everyday.

You can view a maximum of 72 web sites per day. This will enable you to keep 3 web sites showing on a daily basis. You can show one web site, view web sites and earn credits even as a free member.

HACKER SAFE certified sites prevent over 99.9% of hacker crime.

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